James Elwood, Brian's grandfather, conducted his first ever funeral during the winter of 1928 using a horse drawn vegetable cart that he borrowed from his cousin in Colin Mountain to take the coffin to Derriaghy Churchyard.

Elwood Capper

Times and traditions have changed since then. Horses have given way to the motor vehicle, roads and highways have become more accessible but the values of the local funeral director have remained unchanged, even through modern technology.

Elwood and Capper Ltd Independent Funeral Directors & Memorial Masons was established in 2005 by Brian Elwood & David Capper.

Brian & David met during the early 1990's whilst both enrolled on an embalming course with their then employers, Plantsbrook PLC; a large funeral company that was requisitioning small family owned firms throughout the UK and Ireland. The family firm once owned by Brian's late grandfather was one such small company that had been taken over by Plantsbrook PLC and a family firm in Dungannon where David worked was another.

After their embalming tuition, Brian stayed with the firm as a locally named presence within Dunmurry and David returned to his home village of Loughgall and opened his own independent funeral home which continues to provide a full range of funeral services to this day.

By the end of 2003 Brian was beginning to feel disillusioned by the large company that owned what was once his fathers firm. Their sudden price increase and lack of personal touch made him feel as though he was letting his community down, a community which he had been raised in and was obviously very fond of.

So, it was during a social meeting in October 2004 with his ex-colleague and good friend David Capper that the idea to open again as an independent, family owned funeral director in Dunmurry was born.

The decision to combine their expertise and with the respect of Brian's late father Bobby Elwood, a once highly respected and well-known funeral director himself, has meant that they can offer a complete funeral service to their clients that is second to none in both professionalism and personal touch. They are certain that they can extend this promise for generations to come. 

The company has grown with the introduction of Deborah Lilley & William Greer. Both Deborah & William, along with David Capper, have studied in and been awarded the Diploma in Funeral Service through the British Institute of Funeral Directors. 

Brian has studied in and been accredited as a Funeral Celebrant with Humanists UK & NI Humanists. (Currently the only active Funeral Director in Northern Ireland with this qualification)

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