Why Choose an Independent Funeral Director


65% of funerals in Northern Ireland are carried out by independent funeral directors!


The independent funeral profession has a long and proud history of personal service to local communities. Carrying on the family tradition is a way of life for independent funeral directors throughout the country.

In all forms of business today there are big, international company's that have made their profits by taking over small firms. The funeral profession is no exception!

The trouble is, there usually isn't any change of name to inform you of the difference. That makes it difficult for you to distinguish between the family owned firm and the large conglomerate.


It is extremely important for you and your family that you know who you are speaking to! When you need the services of a funeral director you should turn to the firm which has investment in your local community, established over many years. The independent funeral director is better because all of our attention is focused on satisfying the needs of our friends and neighbours. We are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from a head office or share-holders! We take personal pride in our roll within our community. This is our business. Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood.


Not only do we want to meet and exceed your current needs, we also seek to build a lasting relationship of trust, so that you will return to us if ever, or whenever you need us in the future. We have a long-term commitment to our community. This is were we live and work. It's were we plan to stay. When you need us, we'll be here. Large concerns answer to senior management and share holders. We answer to you!

Funeral traditions vary greatly around the country. We know, appreciate and work with local customs and practices because we have served the local community for years. On the other hand, the staff and management assigned to a funeral firm from a national company will most likely be from another area, ignorant of local traditions. Therefore causing great disappointment when expectations are not met.


When your family suffers the loss of a loved-one it can be comforting to know your funeral director. We make every effort to be involved in our community and to create the kind of personal relationship which leads to an individual, sensitive service. If you are like most people, you find it much easier to deal with people you know and you like the personal service offered to you, then you should know this: We feel the same way!


Elwood & Capper Ltd are the only independent funeral company in the greater Dunmurry area. Our immediate competitor may share similarities with us in their name but they are wholly owned by a large conglomerate based in England. They are managed by a network of people based in another part of the country, unfamiliar with the people of Dunmurry and the surrounding areas. Only we at Elwood & Capper Ltd can offer our community the personal touch so greatly deserved at a time of bereavement.


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