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Elwood & Capper Ltd. will help you set out a funeral plan including all your wishes from a range of choices we will discuss with you.

Funeral costs have risen by almost 70% since 2007. By having a prepaid funeral plan in place, any price increases caused by inflation or economic factors will not lead to additional payments on top of the original sum, when the time comes.

There are a number of nationally available plans from large companies which offer predetermined funeral packages that funeral directors sell on their behalf. The providing company’s head office sets the price of such plans and these are based on national average costs rather than actual local prices. Please note there are other funeral related costs, known as disbursements, which will apply but are not related to the services provided directly by an independent funeral director.

We (Elwood & Capper Ltd.) have no control over disbursement costs. These will be fully discussed with you when your plan is being arranged, you can include a contribution towards them, so you are fully informed before you pay for your plan.

We offer the Eternal Comfort © Funeral Plan which is unique to our company but supported and governed by Ecclesastical Planning Services and Funeral Planning Authority.

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